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Boss 8in Multi-Drain

BOSS is a premium soilless organic grow media unique in its composition. BOSS is manufactured with e..


Boss 10in Multi-Drain 3 gal

Unique in its composition and is manufactured with extra washes to remove excess sodium.  Made from ..


Botanicare 1 5/8in Neoprene Insert

Replacement neoprene cloning inserts, 1 5/8in diameter...


Botanicare 12in Round Mesh Pot

You'll find a million uses for these high quality 12-inch round plastic pots made by Botanicare. Fe..


Botanicare 180 Aeroponic Mister

180 degree sprayer for aeroponic systems...


Botanicare 2in Neoprene Insert

Replacement neoprene inserts for Power Clone. 2in diameter...


Botanicare 3'x6' Bench

3 foot by 6 foot bench for use with 3' x 6' grow trays and flood tables...


Botanicare 3.75in Neoprene Insert

Botanicare Neoprene Inserts, 3 3/4in, pack of 25..


Botanicare 30 gal Camo Grow Bag

Sturdy 6 mil plastic Digital camouflage print Pre-punched drainage holes Plant right in the bag..


Botanicare 360 Aeroponic Mister Sell in p

360-degree sprayer for aeroponic systems. Made by Botanicare...


Botanicare 360 Degree Clone Spinner

Ideal for rooting cuttings aeroponically, this Spinner comes with a male thread for a secure no-leak..


Botanicare 3in Neoprene Insert

Botanicare Neoprene Inserts, 3in, pack of 25..