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Active Aqua Flood Table for Tents 22inx 45in

This Active Aqua Flood Table is sized for use in small tents, where space is tight. Its length (45in..


Active Aqua Round Air Stone 8.5inx1in

Active Aqua air stones are an ideal way to add oxygen to your hydroponic growing system. The micropo..


American Hydroponics Net Pot 5.5in

Heavy Duty Net Cups are extremely durable, reusable, provide superior air circulation, made from hea..


Block 2x2x1.5in

Grodan Stonewool (rockwool) is made from molten rock spun into cotton candy-like fibers and then com..


Botanicare 3.75in Neoprene Insert

Botanicare Neoprene Inserts, 3 3/4in, pack of 25..


Botanicare 5in Neoprene Insert

Botanicare Neoprene Inserts, 5in, pack of 25 NOTE: the unit of measure on this item has been change..


Botanicare 8.5inx8.5in Square Pot White (3 gal)

These Botanicare square pots are ideal replacement pots for Botanicare's TurboGarden Drip or Ebb & F..


Can-Lite Mini 8in x 25in 800 CFM

Can Filter Group has added a new series of canister filters to their already dominant line of activa..


CocoTek Mat 4'x8'x.25in

Made from natural coconut fibers and bound by organic latex, CocoTek Mats are designed to lie undern..


Dayton 3.25in Axial Fan

This Dayton high quality axial fan can be used in any small-scale localized application where ventil..


General Hydroponics 1.25in Grommet-Aeroflo

1-1/4in Grommet For Square AeroFlo2 Chamber Drain. Used to seal the drain pipe to the drain hole of ..


Hydro-Logic 3/8in Drain Saddle, QC for 1in to 1.5in

The black drain line of your RO system can be connected to the main drain under your sink for a clea..