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AUVL Grow Green Lamp 1000W HPS DE

GROW GREEN lamps emit light in the right spectrum, they are highly efficient and their low sensitivi..


Ballast Kit HPS 250W Multi-Volt

Ballast Kit, Sodium, 250W Multi-Volt Best choice for DIY grow room aficionados! Whether you are wir..


Bulb Comp FL 250W Dual Spectrum (12/cs)

This 250W dual spectrum compact fluorescent grow light is ideal for propagation, side lighting, vege..


Bulb Comp FL Warm 250W 2700K (12/cs)

This 250W compact fluorescent grow light with warm (2700K) color spectrum is ideal for flowering. It..


Bulb Sod 250W

Your clear choice for HID lamps that provide long-lasting and reliable operation is Xtrasun. Our Xtr..


Capacitor MH 250W/Dry 15 MFD/400 VAC MIN

Metal halide 250 Watt/Dry 15 MFD/400 VAC MIN Capacitor Capacitors store the power in the event of a..


Hortilux Blue (Daylight) Super Metal Halide (MH) Lamp, 250W

Designed to provide a fully-balanced light spectrum that replicates natural sunlight. The exclusive ..


Hortilux Super HPS Grow Light 250W

Extend the growing season to 365 days a year with Eye HortiluxTM grow lamps. Choose Eye Hortilux lam..


Refurbished Sunburst 250W HPS/MH Convertib

Add the Sunburst grow light reflector to your grow room for quiet operation, value pricing, and stur..